Gitel Gorelik

UI / UX Design

Front-end Development

Conversion Rate Optimization


Hi, my name is Gitel and I am a ui / ux designer & front-end developer based in the beautiful Berlin. I’m a perfectionist, and do not settle for compromises, even with the smallest pixel.

From a very young age, I developed a huge interest in technologies and designs. When I was 15 years old, I started to teach myself the art of Photoshop and started to actually create my own designs. A few years later, I started to learn HTML/CSS and was finally able to implement my designs in working websites. I decided to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in "International Media & Computing", so I could focus and learn more about coding. In 2011 I took the chance and worked as a web design / front-end developer intern in New York City. I graduated at HTW Berlin in 2013. Ever since then I gained a lot of experience in design and coding and started specializing in conversion rate optimization as well.

Right now, I am working for "Knip" as a ui / ux designer.



My latest works